Timex Ironman

Some of the most popular HRM's we've sold have been the Timex Ironman range. Around 2004/5 they were the FIRST company to use DIGITAL transmission between heart rate belt and watch. Some of our most popular Timex monitors were the Timex 5C411, 5C391, 5F001 and various others with a SEPARATE GPS on an armband, as shown below

My first Polar HRM, the Beat from 1999

For several years they were true market leaders.. until Garmin came along with their INTEGRATED GPS Forerunner range.. suddenly no one really wanted a separate GPS unit

Ironman GPS

Fortunatley, Timex have now caught up with Suunto and Garmin and have several very capable integrated GPS heart rate monitors including the Easy Trainer and Run Trainer 2.0

My first Polar HRM, the Beat from 1999

Company Details

The Timex Group is HUGE and incorporates many watch brands including Valentino Guess and Versace. The Timex Ironman brand is one that is recognised around the world and is a familiar logo at some of the worlds hardest races and triathlons

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Timex Ironman

From Polar's own website "So what is Polar all about? Yes, at our heart we're all about getting people fit and improving their physical performance, but more than that, we're about pushing boundaries in everything we do. Take a look through the About Polar section and see for yourself. Who we are, what we do, our history and the innovations that make us unique – it's all here waiting for you to discover"

Timex Ironman Website

Timex Ironman Shop - Best UK Prices

GPS Speed & Distance watches for everyone

We haven't completed our review of the Timex Ironman range of GPS heart rate monitor watches, but their range is quite straight forward. If you want to keep things easy and don't want to be swamped with information then please consider the Timex Easy Trainer, this would be an alternative to the Garmin Forerunner 10. However, if you have been contemplating a Garmin Forerunner 220/620 or a Suunto Ambit R, then you should also take a look at the Timex Run Trainer 2.0

Timex Easy Trainer - buy online

Similar in functionality to the Forerunner 10, the Timex Easy Trainer will get you in to GPS training. It's an affordable training tool for runners and walkers who simply want speed and distance on their wrist during a workout.

Timex Run Trainer - Perfect Ironman training partner

An alternative to the Forerunner 220/620 and Suunto Ambit R. Just like it's competition the Timex Run Trainer 2.0 will give you speed, distance, heart rate (via ANT+ compatible strap) and altitude. After your session, training data can be uploaded to one of several websites including Strava and TrainingPeaks

Timex Ironman Running Watches - laps, splits and more

One of my first proper running watches was a Timex.. before the days of Ironman branding. What makes a proper running watch is several key features. A clear display, ergonomic / comfortable fit (especially on smaller wrists), lap counters and a chronograph with the ability to feedback split / lap times and total running time, preferably at the same time. A vast majority of the watches sold below features these core features. Please check functionality before purchasing.

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