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Welcome to HeartRateMonitor.co.uk, home of the best impartial reviews of fitness trackers and heart rate monitor watches. I am Tristan Haskins, owner and manager of this website. I sold my first heart rate monitor watch online in 1999.  The purpose of this website is twofold. I review fitness watches from all leading brands and I sell Polar and Suunto from my online store. If you need any help choosing your next fitness watch please > Ask Me?

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Fitness Watch Reviews

The objective of HeartRateMonitor.co.uk is to give impartial shopping advice when buying a fitness watch with heart rate monitoring functionality. I aim to  provide clear and informed reviews of the sports trackers & fitness watches available from leading brands. To help you make the right choice we have categorised the watches by activity type and brand. We have loosely split the main activities in to categories General Fitness > Running > Cycling, Triathlon / Multisport > Adventure Racer and Swimming

The brands we have selected as offering the best value for money, innovation and functionality are, in no particular order, Polar > Garmin > Suunto > Fitbit > TomTom > Mio > Epson > Wahoo Fitness and Timex. We plan to add reviews for Apple, Samsung & Motorola fitness watches soon.

Tristan’s latest Tests & Reviews

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Shop Online – Polar & Suunto

I have focused on selling only the TWO best brands of heart rate monitor watch > Polar and Suunto. Polar were the original innovators of heart rate monitoring way back in 1976. They fully understand the needs of the elite athlete and comprehensively apply that knowledge to the average person’s requirements. Suunto are the undisputed world experts in outdoor adventure watches. Both work extensively with the worlds best athletes, explorers and fitness experts.

Polar have a wide range range of fitness watches for those looking to improve general fitness & lifestyle, to exercisers wanting to advance in their sport/hobby to the elite performance athlete. Suunto’s range is for the dedicated outdoor sports professional whether a cyclist, runner, triathlete or adventure racer.

The BEST Sports Watches


The Garmin Forerunner 235 is a joy to use and has everything a runner will need from colour coded heart rate zones, personal best alerts, Bluetooth synchronisation to Garmin Go APP and, best of all, STRAPLESS heart rate via built-in HR sensor on the back of the watch. However, the value for money and comprehensive list of technical features make the Polar M400 a very highly recommended alternative.


Another hard category and one that is VERY competitive at the moment. We’d recommend the Edge 25 for it’s micro size, ease of use, connectivity to smartphone. It’s got everything 95% of cyclists will ever need. If you’d like my training feedback then there’s Polar M450 for it’s brilliant interface, built in fitness tests, training load indication (recovery time) and emergency front light.


This is another shared title. We’d be happy to tackle any triathlon with either the Polar V800,  Garmin Forerunner 920XT. The Suunto Spartan Sport also has to get a highly recommended mention. They all offer single button transitions, smartphone alerts and notifications, customisable display options, swim-metrics, optional pedal power monitoring and much more.


The most popular category and with over 50 products to choose from it’s should be a hard one to call. It’s not – if you want the best activity tracking bracelet/watch with OFF the WRIST heart rate, smartphone APP support, training benefit feedback and more – Polar A360 all the way. Another that comes highly recommended is the brilliant Garmin Vivoactive HR


Most Popular Brands


Listening to your body is one thing, understanding what it is telling you is an altogether different story. A Polar Fitness watch helps you to get under the skin of your training. Polar put it down to a combination of expertise in sports, physiology and electronics, coupled with the best understanding of customer needs. Remember, we also SELL Polar directly from our online store

It’s no surprise then that they have been leading the way in technological innovations in  heart rate monitors since 1977. The best Polar HRMs from the current range would have to be the Polar M400 and strapless HRM / activity tracker the Polar A360. For those looking for the latest in wearable technology we also have the Polar M600.


Suunto has been at the forefront of design and innovation for sports watches, dive computers and instruments used by adventure seekers all over the globe. We’ve owned and tested dozens of their wrist computers and we’re pleased to share these Suunto sports watch reviews with you. Remember, we also SELL Suunto directly from our online store

From the highest mountains to the deepest oceans, Suunto physically and mentally equips outdoor adventurers to conquer new territory. The best Suunto wrist computer for the everyday athlete, triathlete, fitness fanatic or adventure racer is the Suunto Spartan. The new range of Suunto Spartan (Ultra and Sport) replaced the popular Ambit 3 Peak & Ambit 3 Sport in Sept 2016


Garmin’s mission statement “to be the global leader in every market we serve, and our products will be sought after for their compelling design, superior quality, and best value”. We think they’ve exceeded that goal. We’ve been lucky enough to use most Edge & Forerunner products and want to share our these Garmin product reviews with you

The Edge and Forerunner have been the MUST HAVE fitness product since the Forerunner 101 in 2003. It’s difficult to call the best all round sports watch from Garmin, but the VivosmartHR and FR235 get our vote


Say TomTom to anyone you meet and they will probably think of in-car GPS navigation…. not anymore. We’ve reviewed the TomTom GPS heart rate monitors and we have been very impressed so far. We especially LOVE the strapless heart rate monitoring from the heart rate sensors on the back of these watches.

The best watch for the all rounder has to be the TomTom Spark/Runner 2 with built-in GPS & HRM. This brilliant, easy to use GPS sports watch includes a built-in memory store for over 500 songs, GPS and off the wrist heart rate.


FitBit burst on to the scene a couple of years ago and have blazed a trail of innovation ever since. Their unique style and close contact with their customers has turned them in to a World Leading brand. Their products not only give invaluable fitness tracking feedback but they also look great. A choice for the customer who wants their fitness monitor to look discrete & cool.

We have reviewed many FitBit products and are pleased to share our views with you. This is a company who have their finger placed firmly on the technology pulse and provide some of the cleanest and most easy to use APPS on the market. Charge HR and Surge are our favourites with BUILT-IN heart rate sensors


Timex have been one of our favourite brands since we started selling their range back in 2004. Timex have been innovators in the field of GPS and Heart Rate Monitors for over a decade now. They were the first company to have a truly digital transmission from the heart rate strap to the watch – to cut out interference.

Timex have some of the sleekest GPS running watches on the market with their new Move X20. This is a new range, so please visit our Timex GPS heart rate monitor reviews if you’ve not looked at Ironman watches for a while. Timex have been a bit quiet lately but we hope to see some innovative new products soon.

A Brief History…

It all started in 1996. As a sports science student I wanted to promote the use of Heart Rate Monitors in exercise. The business went online in 1999. In 14 years we sold HRM's to over 300,000 customers.

After a short retail back we're now back with the new online store selling ONLY Polar. We still offer impartial advice & test other heart rate monitor brands. Our aim however, is to introduce you to Polar's products as an alternative to Garmin, Fitbit, Suunto or TomTom.

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